Lusaka City Tour




MPOTO YATHU -local cuisine

Lusaka City Tour Inclusions:Pick up and drop off at your hotel/lodge in Lusaka, ayouthful, dynamic trained tour guides who speak English and have an indepth understanding of local cultures and history, Refreshments.

Compound Tour This is a safe walking tour in garden compound where you will meet and interact with local people to experience the magic everyday life in lower income urban Lusaka. You will be treated as a visitor and welcomed into people’s homes. We work with various women’s initiatives, child care facilities, youth groups and traditional healers who are welcoming and value highly the spirit of sharing cultures and stories.As it is ahome to over 20,000 people of diverse ethnic origins,Garden compound occupiesa central position in Lusaka’s township folklore.This tour is also an opportunity to spot great artistic and social innovation where you can pick up unique homemade arts and crafts.

City Tour Lusaka City is beautiful, vibrant and warm hearted and a day’s tour around the city takesyou up to the City’s memorable historic and political landmarks. A dramatic visit to the Chilenje house (President Kaunda’s old home) and to Kabwata Cultural Village, then on to Lusaka National Museum and the Freedom Statue, share the history of three late former presidents of Zambia at the Embassy Park, right next is the CENOTAPH,which is an empty tomb commemorating the death of the Zambian soldiers who fought in the two world wars. Lunch at MundaWanga and then a drive to Mandahill and parliament site were the history of Lusaka is told.

Art and Cultural Tour This is a special tour to art galleries, dance, theatre and all cultural happenings in Lusaka. On this tour, the visitor appreciates the artistic and rich cultural Zambian lifestyle.

Village Trails A special tailored tour to Zambia’s rural life in the outskirts of Lusaka. A visitor on village trail gets insight on the authentic Zambian lifestyle truly built by ancestral upbringing and belief. It leaves the visitor with full experience and knowledge of the real rural Zambian lifestyle.