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Glamville Spa & Health Bar Located in town on Broadway avenue, Glamville is a home property that has been transformed into a salon, spa, boutique, restaurant, coffee and juice bar. It has a gorgeous outside space to enjoy freshly squeezed juices, restaurant food and swimming. It's also a great place to be pampered. There are events about every other month which are advertised on both Ndola Health Bar and Glamville pages

Dola Hill Rollerskating Rink and Arcade Outdoor rollerskating came to Ndola recently as well as an arcade! Part of Dola Hill Mall (also referred to as the chinese mall) has an outdoor amusement area with tons of games for children such as bumper cars, a merry-go-round, a swimming pool and the roller rink, just next to an upstairs arcade and a large gym.

Nsobe Game Camp (Just before Ndola coming from Lusaka) Game Camp Located on a pristine Miombo woodland game-farm, overlooking a beautiful dam, home to giraffes, zebras, warthogs, various nocturnal animals, monkeys and 15 species of antelope, including the rare Sitatunga, Black Lechwe and Sable. Over 300 species of bird-life have been spotted. Nsobe traces its origins to the Cape to Cairo railway. Lodge- self catering or full board, Game drives, fishing, bushwalks,cycling, reptile park, swimming, farm tour, birding and camping.

Ndola Golf Club http://www.ndolagolfclub.org/home "CENTENARY" Ndola Golf Club is a club at the heart of the Ndola community and celebrating the clubs Centenary in May 2021.

Copperbelt Museum - Ndola Explore the local industry history at Copperbelt Museum,which highlights a variety of fields. Ideal for families, the museum invites you to discover the history of local mining and the copperbelt, or study the history of the local jewelry trade. Staff are eager to help with any questions, and they often deliver extra knowledge about the collection. Entry USD5

Polish World War II Memorial Site - Ndola Polish refugees found asylum upon fleeing the brutality of the NAZI and Russian Forces in 1943 in Ndola. The Polish World War II Memorial Site is located at the borders of the city near the Bwana Mkubwa Mine area which was one of the main camps used to receive thousands of Polish refugees that arrived in Northern Rhodesia during World War II. During the War, 18 000 Polish asylum seekers found their way in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) after German Soldiers under Adolf Hitler and Russian soldiers under Joseph Stalin invaded Poland in 1943. The historical monument, depicting the Polish Flag, was erected in Ndola at the place that used to be a refugee camp for the Polish people during the war. Not far from the monument is a graveyard, where the first Europeans (including the British) who established Bwana Mkubwa Mine and some Polish refugees are buried.

Cherry Farm House Cherry farm is a private residence estate with lovely scenery and a Pub in Misundu area. On the non resident pub area side, there is a large open field available for events. The Pub opens on Friday evenings with great bar food and drinks.

Ndola Boating & Sailing Club Please all be advised the club does NOT offer boat hire or boat rides. It is up to the individual if they want to bring their own boat, the club does not own boats. Entrance is K30 per person (non negotiable). Braai stands are offered for your use but NOT charcoal.We are open Saturday and Sunday from 12.00hrs until 20.00hrs.Bar and restaurant available. Plus braai stands. Children’s playground. For more details people can check our Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/theboatingclub?_rdc=1&_rdr

Lake Chilengwa (Ndola) Lake Chilengwa is famously known as "Chilengwa na Lesa" (Created by God) is a National monument. Formed by the collapse of rocks into an underlying limestone cavern, and has local cultural significance. It is a sunken lake with steeply sloping sides with water level about 30 meters below the surrounding ground and is roughly circular with a diameter of some 450 meters. Lamba legend suggests that it has connection with Lake Ishuku located just next to Ndola Lime Company, according to the National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC).

Njele Country Park This is a lodge, event center and restaurant located just outside of Ndola near the Dag Dag Hammarskjöld site. Dag Hammarskjold Memorial (outside Ndola on the Kitwe road) This Heritage Site is the memorial that commemorates the UN secretary-general whose plane crashed here in the 1960s during a peace mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A museum which exhibits some of the tragic accident was constructed and officially opened in 1981. The museum is also used for collecting materials and books on the life of Dag Hammarskjöld and the role of the United Nations. It's located just off the Ndola–Kitwe road. To get here, travel about 10km from Ndola on the main highway towards Kitwe and turn north (signposted), following a minor gravel road for about 7km to reach the memorial.

Kaloko Hill The highest hill in Ndola has a beautiful view from the southern side of the city, near the industrial area. Due to security reasons, this isn't exactly open to the public. It's pretty easy to find if you just drive towards the tall hill, but they may or may not allow hiking. There are two paths up, the service "road" and a through the trees path. There is an area to park at the bottom if the guards allow access and it is only employees who are there.

Itawa Spring -Located behind Zambian Breweries via the railroad tracks. It was difficult to find but once we asked someone while walking along the railroad tracks, they directed us there quickly. The spring was full of children swimming which sort of felt like we were disturbing their place of play. While parts of it are very pretty, it isn't a place I'd say to go hang out.

Millennium Park (Gomes Farm) Set outside of the city near fatima, is a beautiful farm with a large swimming pool, dinning hall, go-carts and track, blow up jumping castles/toys and braii stands all set along a river. There is an entrance fee and then a cost for the go carts. The other activities are included in the entrance fee.

Lake Ishiku We also went looking for another sunken lake nearby, Lake Ishiku, in Bwana Makubwa. When we were on the point where google maps shows the location, we were told that the road was too difficult to get there. Seeing as we were in a 4x4, if they still felt it was unreachable, we decided to not give it a go. It was towards the end of rainy season so maybe it would be accessible in a drier part of the year. However, just down the road, we did see a different lake, which was explained to us as an old query part of Lime Ndola. We parked and walked around the beautiful lake. It was very private and not necessarily open to tourists.

Misundu Sunken Lake Located past Cherry Farm on Misundu road, is a small sunken lake, referred to as the old mine. We drove on Misundu road until it turns into a dirt road and about 7km after the police check point, there were a few people sitting by a tree. From there, it's just a right turn on the first dirt road (at the tree) and then turn left on the immediate next dirt road. We parked here and walked. It's a short walk to where some space is cleared with two large logs and some large stones. Up the hill will be a long set of steps going down to the lake. The shore is small but there is a tiny space to sit around. We did not hike around the lake but it looked like an option.

Rooftop Views (& Indoor Stair climbing) Premium Plaza If looking for somewhere to train or see similar beautiful views, premium plaza (tallest building in Ndola) is also a place to run stairs and have a look over the city from Kansenshi neigborhood. We just found the set of stairs at the backside and ran them. It is open to the residents of course and does not seem to be a disturbance when going for the rooftop view and climbing stairs.

Ngwenya Dam located in the Pamodzi Overspill