Open 1 March - 30 November

RATES 2024

Adults ZMK880 per person per night

Children (5 -12 years) ZMK400 per child per night

Infants (0 - 4 years) Free of charge

Private use EXCLUSIVE Booking - per request



Fully equipped kitchen including a fridge/freezer and a gas oven (gas provided)

One covered openair dining area

One open air bar and dining area

Firepit with seating

Conservation fee 

Institutional fishing license


All else not mentioned

Camp info:

All water for the showers etc. comes directly from the borehole.

The borehole water is drinkable.

What to bring:

Your own food and drinks, Entertainment, Torches/Lamps, fishing equipment, own boat, raincoats/umbrellas, medication/first aid equipment, binoculars, insect repellant, drinking water and beverages

Our rules and regulations:

  • No pets are allowed 
  • No firearms or projectile-shooting weapons.  Including toy BB guns, blow dart guns, slingshots etc.
  • No drones are permitted.
  • No littering in camp and around the conservancy
  • No feeding the wild animals
  • No off-road driving, please stay on allocated dirt roads
  • During rainstorms please remain at the camp and don't drive (unless absolutely necessary) as it ruins the roads for other guests.
  • Any self-drive safari must be accompanied by one of the Conservancy's wildlife scouts.
  • It is strongly advised that you do not approach within 100m of elephants and 25m from any cats and please remember that ANIMALS ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. camp. 
  • It is prohibited to pick, cut, destroy, remove any object/flora/fauna of biological interest, including eggs, bones, quils, feathers, nests and trophies from the Conservancy.
  • Guests are not permitted to fish inside the Kafue National Park unless they have a fishing permit from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in Mumbwa Town.  These can be purchased from most fishing stores in Lusaka or alternatively at the DNPW headquarters in Chilanga.
  • We encourage the CATCH AND RELEASE POLICY ONLY.  Fish may not be removed from the Company Property.
  • Radios and music players/speakers are prohibited outside of the camp.  Please play music at a respectable level while in the camp.
  • No fires are to be lit ouside of the camp and please do not discard cigarettes in the bush.  Litter kills wildlife
  • Standard Zambian National Park Rules apply to Mushingashi Conservancy.
  • Departing guests may be subject to search when vacating the Conservancy for any contraband.

Other relevant information:

Guests are welcome to bring their own boat and necessary gear for fishing and boating expeditions.

Mushingashi has designated launch sites/slipways on the property.  Please ensure you receive the information upon enquiry as to where fishing is permitted and launch site access.  Please ensure you bring enough fuel for your safari.  Mushingashi is not permitted to give /loan/sell fuel to any guests. Extremely low water/limited access on the river from July till December.


  • Enter Mumbwa from Lusaka. Turn right just after Oil Bay Garage (careful big speed humps). Carry on this road and you'll get to big roundabout with a total garage in front. Take the first exit with total garage now being on your right-hand side. If you take 2nd exit at roundabout it will take you to into Mumbwa town.
  • Follow this dirt road over a small bridge and through some markets/shops for approximately 1.8km until you see a sign on the left for Amatheon Agriculture and a Guest house with a big dirt road opposite. Turn right onto this road. This is the D181 KASEMPA road that takes you to all the northern Kafue lodges (Hippo Camp, Kafue River Lodge and McBrides Camp).
  • From Amatheon sign turn off you'll drive 27.8km and then get to Amatheon Agri sign on right. Carry on straight. 
  • 33.9km (6.1km) you'll get to y- junction (tower on hill straight ahead- white light at night) and a construction sign, turn left.
  • 43.4km (9.5km) to Kitumba open farm prison on left. Keep going straight.
  • 48.4km (5km) pass through ZAWA abandoned camp. Few km later you’ll go around sharp corner and up hill then down, big power lines ahead.
  • 56.1km (7.7km) turn right at green Mushingashi Conservancy sign. You will now be travelling parallel with the powerlines on your left-hand side.
  • 62.9km (6.8km) get to Mushingashi boom gate. Greeted by scouts and sign in book. Keep right.
  • 71.2km (8.3km) to Lutondo scouts camp on right, keep following main road.
  • 88.6km (17.4km) to y junction- t junction turn left. Keep left.
  • 92.5km (3.9km) y fork- go left and keep left. If carry on straight (right) you’ll get to Maimba camp.
  • From y-fork – 1.1km you get to another fork, keep straight, don’t turn right as this will take you to Kayamba camp.
  • You will be travelling parallel to the river (with river on your right-hand side)
  • Keep on main dirt road. At 4.2km you’ll reach tiny dry stream, cross over.
  • At 5.7km you will go over a dam wall. Keep right after dam wall (don’t go straight)
  • At 6.2km cross another little dry stream
  • At 9.5km get to power lines in front and T junction. Turn right
  • 9.9km you have arrived at Kashikoto self-catering camp. Enjoy your stay