Zambian Residents Safaris

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Zambian Residents Safaris

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Help Protect Zambia's Wildlife

Conservation South Luangwa

With high densities of wildlife in the game management area bordering the national park, easy access to wire, a large scale market for selling bush meat and availability of cash in a developing tourist destination, South Luangwa faces enormous problems with snaring that is escalating to critical levels. 

To address this CSL has set up a specialized wild dog and lion anti-snaring team who use GPS locations provided by Zambia Carnivore Program to determine where best to deploy effective anti-snaring patrols. In addition all CSL supported scouts conduct regular anti-snaring patrols throughout the GMA.

CSL de- snaring


Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

South Luangwa

Teaching Zambia children and communities the value of wildlife and their environment so they may be conserved for present and future generations.

Our comprehensive and inspiring conservation education programmes create a new meaning and value to wildlife and the environment for local children and young people. Our hope is that these programmes encourage the young people of the area to be active conservationists and empower them to make the changes that are necessary to sustain livelihoods, conserve wildlife and protect the natural environment long into the future. see budget tours page. 

School visits