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The Kuomboka Ceremony


Kuomboka is a word in the Lozi language which literally means ‘to get out of water’.  The traditional ceremony takes place at the end of the rainy season, when the upper Zambezi River floods the plains of the Western Province. The festival celebrates the move of the Litunga, king of the Lozi people, from his compound at Lealui in the Barotse flood plain of the Zambezi River to Limulunga on higher ground.

Kuomboka Ceremony

Livingstone Cultural Tours

Mukuni Village Tour - With a population of about 5000, Mukuni is a real village with real Leya people living their lives. You will learn about their livelihoods, culture, and see Chief Mukuni's Palace. You can also pre-arrange to have a taste of the traditional food and beer. (2-3 hours) 

Musokotwane village trip –full day 

Experience a full African village experience during your day, including language and cooking lessons, lunch, food shopping, house tour, kraals, dam and springs visits, time in the village gardens and viewing a community support village project.  If all that is not enough you learn how the villagers relax by taking part in dance lessons. An amazing insight into local the local Zambian lifestyle.

 Culture and cooking Lunch trip

This tour covers all the essentials of African cooking. You get to experience shopping in an African market, have a cooking class in African meals and eat a full African lunch. If that was not enough to tempt you, you are also given a Tonga or Lozi speaking lesson, and an insight into Livingstone and Zambian history.

Chief Mukuni Village Tour USD50